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Cat Names  -  Y

Here we list popular cat names (and some odd ones).  If you are naming a kitten or newly adopted cat, scroll through the lists and pages provided.  Hopefully, you can find some ideas for your new cat.

Like our cats, we are sure that you will also give them nicknames as well.  Cat naming is not an art but an act of love!  Browse through the pages (sorted alphabetically) or chose one of our recommended cat naming books.


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Ya Yo Yaakov Yachtsman Yacker Yagi Yago
Yahoo Yakitori Yale Yam Yamasee Yana
Yancy Yang Yankee Yanni Yanoosh Yaphe
Yarborough Yardan Yardley Yardstick Yarnie Yarrow
Yasmin Yasser Yasu Yates Yaya Yaz
Yeager Yeasty Yeats Yelena Yeller Yellowstone
Yelp Yen Yeoman Yepa Yertle Yesterday
Yichi Yiddish Yin Yippie Yitzhak Ykulele
YMCA Yo Yoda Yodel Yoga Yogi
Yogurt Yoi Yoke Yoko Yolande Yon
Yona Yonder Yong Yonkers Yorgy Yori
York Yorke Yorty Yosemite Yoshie Young
Yrian Yrma Yroba Ysanne Yuki Yukon
Yule Yulka Yuma Yummy Yuppie Yuri
Yurjio Yutu Yvette Yvon Yvonne


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