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  Catnip Ranger Captain Brown

Captain Brown

of the Catnip Rangers

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Why the name, "Catnip Ranger"?   When I was younger, my family raised sable (dark brown) Burmese cats.   My father nicknamed the group leader and his band "Captain Brown and the Catnip Rangers", a twist on dad's tours with the US Army Airborne in Fort Bragg.  Since it rolled off the tongue and was used for years, the name stuck.  Years later, the Catnip Rangers were reborn when my wife and I bought two chocolate point Siamese brothers (Jake and Elwood).  Later, we bought three Tonkinese cats to provide company to Elwood when Jake passed on.  Our latest Captain Brown is Zane, a natural point that very much resembles the Burmese of old (except with blue eyes ).  Jack and Momma Cat (Princess) round out the catnip ranger troops.  Elwood was promoted to Colonel due to his age and has retired to the couch or heated bed.  We love our funny cats like children.

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